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Training on Thurs 8th August by Justin Griffiths ....
Today in training we had a simple session, just a game as there were only ten players willing to train in the rain. Despite a lot of running in the match which kept us warm, we did come upon a big nose baby who wasn't allowed to get wet, so without any hesitation he walked off.
After 3 nutmegs last week from Big Rich, Justin tried to evade them this time around, but after all Rich's 20 attempts, he finally pulled one off to his delight.
I promise you all, nothing flukey like that will ever happen again.
Richie Thomas, the goalkeeper got confused in whether to prevent the ball from going behind the sticks or leave it go through, our manager did explain to him that he had to keep the ball out, not let it pass him, but obviously Richie couldn't have understood him.
In a game littered with errors - punished by lots of press ups by the players, especially big Rich for terrible mistakes. I should imagine big Rich went home with arms like Arnold Scharzenegger.
(yeah as if!)
I wish the very best to Trallwm seniors in their Star Cup game tonight, and wish them further success in the future.