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TRALLWM FC - Under 16s
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2002 - 2003 Season

Wed July


Seaside H Friendly W 6-4 Morris 3, Griffiths 2, Wright
Thu August 22 Camford H Friendly W 4-3 Rees , Vaughan, Bowen, Wright
Wed August 28 Wellfield H Friendly W 16-1 Griffiths 3, Jones 3, Rees 3, Morris, Wright, Davies, Smith, Vaughan, OG-2
Fri August 30 Calsonic H Friendly D 1-1 Wright
Sat September 14 Calsonic H League W 5-0 Griffiths 2, Morris, Rees, Thomas
Mon September 16 Pengelli A League L 1-2 Wright
Sat September 21 Seaside A League D 0-0  
Mon September 23 Llanelli H League W 1-0 Vaughan
Sat September 28 Tumble A League L 0-3   
Sat October 5 Wellfield H League W 4-0   Rees 3, Wright
Sat October 12 Caerbryn A League W 7-3   Griffiths 3, Wright, Morris, Rees, Davies
Sat October 19 Carmarthen H League D 2-2   Morris, Rees
Sat October 26 Llanelli A League P-P   
Sat November 2 G. Village A League P-P  
Sat November 9 Camford H League P-P  
Sat November 16 Caerbryn H League P-P  
Sat November 23 Tumble H League P-P  
Sat November 30 G. Village H League L 1-4 Morris
Sat December 7 Camford H League D 2-2 Griffiths, Wright
Sat December 14 P Tywyn H League W 5-0 Rees 2, Davies, Williams, OG
Sat December 21 Llan Rads A League P-P  
Sat December 28 Carmarthen A League L 0-4  
Sat January 4 Camford A League L 1-2 Wright
Sat January 11 Caerbryn H League P-P  
Sat January 18 Wellfield A League W 5-0 Griffiths 2, Rees, Hodge, Bowen
Sat January 25 P Tywyn A League W 9-0 Griffiths 2, Rees 2, Norrie, Dawe, D.Jones, Hodge, O.G.
Sat February 1 Pengelli H League D 1-1 Griffiths
Sat February 8 G. Village A League W 2-0 Williams, Rees
Sat February 15 Llanelli A League P-P  
Sat February 22 Seaside H League P-P  
Sat March 1 Caerbryn H Cup Q/F P-P  
Sat March 8 Seaside H League P-P  
Sat March 15 Llanelli A League L 1-2 Jones
Sat March 22 Seaside H League L 1-2 Griffiths
Sat March 29 Tumble H League P-P  
Sat April 5 Caerbryn H League W 3-2 Thomas, Norrie, Griffiths
Sat April 7 Tumble H League D 2-2 Davies, Norrie
Sat April 12 Caerbryn H Cup Q/F W 3-1 Morris 3
Sat April 19 G. Village A Cup S/F W 2-1 Norrie, Smith
Wed May 14 Llanelli   Cup Final