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TRALLWM FC - Under 16s
Trallwm 1-1 Calsonic


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Trallwm 1-1 Calsonic
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Match report by Scott Meredith ...................

Today's match was a very close but controversial match that was played after the team nagged Rich for ages .After all the nagging the both teams seemed ready to play even though it was hammering down.

The match was really all end to end football with Calsonic getting chances and then Trallwm with chances as well there was a lot of dirty challenges from one of the Calsonic midfielder's and a lot of chopsin to Rich  as well .The opponents defended quite well by sticking five blokes all on Mozz at once so he couldn't break through to score .

Then a Calsonic man got fouled about thirty-five yards out, the free kick was whipped in and ended up in the back of the net they were 1-0 up from a very lucky goal .Then about 5 mins before the end of the half the dirty midfielder popped up again and took out Wrighty on the touchline Rich told the manager sub him or he was walking so he was subbed.

The second half went Trallwm's way a bit more than there's and then there was a foul on Justin (GBH) in the box and we were given a pen , Wrighty to take the pen (ggggooooooaaaallllll)and there was no chance for there keeper it was now 1-1 the dirty midfielder came back on but he was quiet . Then came the controversy when Jonny Ginge was fouled by one of there players and then came loads of arguments so Rich finally had enough so he stopped the game and everyone thought that there was going to be loads more arguments or maybe fights but there was none at all.

Now everyone wants to find out if there will be fights or not when we meet Calsonic in the first game of the season.

Man of the Match: Nathan Vaughan (I think?)